• Ladies, we haven’t forgotten you!

    So, as readers of my blog would have noticed in the past, We have sold Kubuntu polo shirts.

    There were some comments that there were none for ladies – We now have a very limited stock for ladies so all you ladies who would like a Kubuntu polo, come and grab yours now!


    There is also a new, limited stock for the men as well.

  • Themeing KDE

    So I got sick of the incredibly boring grey standard KDE theme that comes with KDE/Kubuntu. Its not actually a bad default colour theme, but it needs to be workable and appealing to pretty much all, so that by definition makes it somewhat boring.

    So, I went and made something similar to my jussi01-darktheme for quassel, only this time for KDE. I took the “Dark Translucent” theme and gave it some modification – and the results are below.

    Its still a work in progress, but as I use it more the small things will get sorted out.




    EDIT: One of the Key things that many dark theme authors overlook is using a text colour other than white. White on a Dark background is actually quite hard on your eyes, and by using a soft Yellow/orange/beige, It makes it much nicer on your eyes.

    I will upload this at some point soon, but there is a bug in the KDE uploader that doesn’t allow me to sign in to opendesktop. Lets see if I can get that worked out soon.

  • Munich Bug Squishing

    So we are all here in Munich doing some bug squishing, and surprisingly we seem to be actually achieving things!

    You can see some of what we are doing from Trello plus here are a few pics that help explain :D

    Irn Bru for Ironmen!


    Elodi “organising” tasks

  • Kubuntu Polo Shirts Update

    So as most of you who follow me know we recently did a sale of Kubuntu polo shirts (still a few left see here: https://holvi.com/shop/Kubuntu/ )


    Things have gone OK, we have sold most of the shirts, and postage was a trifle cheaper for some places and a trifle more expensive for others, so the price evened out quite nicely.

    Most people that have ordered should be receiving their shirts in the next week or 2, they were sent second class mail so I guess 2 weeks is a normalish delivery time, depending where you are. I guess those in the US or Australia might take a little longer than those in Europe.

    We had orders from almost all the continents, with the exception of South America IIRC – come on you South Americans!

    For all those interested in the money side of things, feel free to have a look at our open budget – you’ll find it here: https://holvi.com/avoinbudjetti/Kubuntu/ (please note the shirt costs haven’t been deducted yet because of an invoicing error we are sorting out).


    For the future we are considering a new order, but I’d love some comments on whether Polo shirts are the way to go, or are T-shirts or Hoodies more preferred? what are people willing to pay for those? Are natural fibers important to you? (as they are to me).

    Please feel free to leave answers in the comments, or email me at: jussi01 at ubuntu dot com.

    I am looking forward to seeing lots of answers from you all!


  • Kubuntu polo shirts have arrived!

    So after a bit of a wait, they are finally here! You can order Kubuntu Polos (extremely limited number just now, but if they go quickly we will order some more) from here: https://holvi.com/shop/Kubuntu/


    You can also make donations at that site, all money raised will be put into the Kubuntu funds administered by the Kubuntu Council which is used for helping with Kubuntu Development.


    You can also see an open budget of what is happening on the site at https://holvi.com/avoinbudjetti/Kubuntu/

    LADIES!! We haven’t forgotten you! This is an initial package to judge demand, and the next order, if these sell as expected, will include ladies cut shirts.

    We look forward to sending out shirts really soon!


    Questions, comments and feedback are welcome, you can direct them to the Kubuntu Council - kubuntu-council@lists.launchpad.net

  • Hi, I’m Jussi! I’m an Ubuntu member and I’m NOT leaving!

    Just for a slightly different take on the whole craziness going on in the Ubuntu world now.

    Simply put, some of the things from both sides suck, communication is not working properly and everyone seems to be in a big frazzle.

    In anycase, regardless of any disappointments I have, this is MY community, (and OUR community) and I am still part of it. Canonical has some very cool things happening, but the community has some very valid issues. Thing is, we can sort it out, and even if I decide to use a different distro/DE or even some different OS, the people here are still people I consider friends, and I always hold out hope that things can be sorted.

    For all those that have left, its sad to see you go, but please, if you know me, I still want to hear from you.

    I can’t wait to see how Ubuntu Touch works out, can’t wait to see the community bonding again and hope we can take on the world together. (I also hope lots of upstream work gets done by canonical on Qt5

    Keep Smiling!


  • Positions Vacant

    Just a quick post, because the company I am working for has a few Linux positions vacant, and I thought I’d mention them here.

    First a Kernel guru is required, can work from home, location: anywhere in the EU.

    Second I have more info:

    Looking for a senior developer / architect, with a minimum of 5 years of
    commercial work experience with mobile devices (or other equivalent
    “consumer-oriented” systems)
    Primary requirements:
    - Excellent overall understanding of Linux
    - Good understanding of operating systems theory
    - Experience in at least one major mobile operating system, good
    understanding of its architecture (e.g. Android)
    - Solid programming skills in at least one high-level language, with
    ability to pick up a new language quickly
    - Ability to understand complex architectures or build one from scratch
    Secondary requirements (not must, but a huge plus!)
    - Good understanding of WebKit internals (or any other layout / browser
    - Experience in graphics programming (OpenGL, OpenGL ES)
    - Experience in developing for different SoC’s, understanding their
    characteristics and limitations
    - Understanding of all steps required to build Linux based software
    systems from scratch for ARM / MIPS based devices
    Location: Helsinki (May be negotiable based on skillset)

    Drop me a mail to jussi.schultink at nomovok dot com for more info or jobs at nomovok.com with a CV (pdf/odt) attached.

  • Archiving on Kmail

    So I for a long time havent used Kmail because of one simple function – there was no quick, easy way to “archive” mail (think gmail style).

    Anyway, long story short, I asked in #kontact on freenode and one kind person there (krop) helped me through creating an archive button, complete with a shortcut key.

    Its pretty well hidden how to do it, but once done, its easy to use!

    Simply, follow these instructions:

    1. go to Kmail (inside or outside of Kontact, doesnt matter).
    2. go to Settings -> Configure Filters
    3. Click the new filter button on the left, give your filter a name (this will appear on the shortcut also, I simply used "Archive")
    4. Under filter criteria, choose "match all messages"
    5. Under filter actions, choose "move into folder" and select the folder you want to archive to.
    6. Under the advanced tab, uncheck the "apply this filter to incoming messages"
    7. Then check the "Apply this filter on manual filtering", "add this filter to the apply menu" and "additionally add this filter to the toolbar".
    8. Set the shortcut using the button provided (I used "q" because it didnt conflict with anything else)
    9. Choose an Icon for the shortcut menu
    10. Click apply/OK and you are Done!

    Happy Kmailing and I hope this was helpful to at least someone… :D (and a big thankyou to krop on #kontact for this info!)

  • Templates and Defaults

    So today I am in a writing mood. (for some strange reason – these don’t come often).

    This is a bit of a grumble post, but also a call for help. I’ve used Libre office and before that Open office in Kubuntu for a long time, including a fair amount of work for my job (I run Kubuntu at work).

    There’s a lot of things that make me grumble about it, including hard to find options, bad formatting of MS office docs etc, but the one thing where I find a massive problem with that could so easily be fixed – especially with Ubuntu/Canonicals current focus on design is the situation with templates and defaults within the Office (and other creativity) programs shipped.

    Have you ever tried creating a document in open office using the default styles (headings etc)? What about the default styles for drawing (horrible light blue boxes anyone?) And the default included templates? not much there… (a few OSS geared ones and some that look like they were made sometime last century – no disrespect meant to any of the creators).

    So this is a call for all those who have a sense of style – make a template this week, and either email it to templates at jussi01.com or grab our BZR branch (bzr branch lp:ubuntutemplates) and  create a merge request. Templates should be licensed Creative Commons with no restrictions.

    Also, if someone has the expertise to make the defaults better ore any constructive thoughts how to fix the default styles within our office and other applications (including colour palates for drawing apps etc) please feel free to grab me (jussi) or AlanBell on freenode or drop us an email to the above address.

  • IRC Council Membership (and Baby stuff)

    Hey all!

    As many of you know, there is a little Jussi fork coming soon – I’m really excited about it, but under no delusions of the time it will take. As well as that, I have received a slightly different role at work which will somewhat increase my responsibilities.

    So, with all this in mind, I will be resigning from my post on the Ubuntu IRC Council on the same date as 3 other members of the team’s terms expire. (21/12/2011) – The Ubuntu Community Council should hopefully get an announcement about the election out soon.

    I also will be around in an operator capacity a lot less than I had been prior to the IRCC appointment, but hopefully will still have time to jump online sometimes. (perhaps in the middle of the night while burping the baby? :P )

    I’d like to say thanks to all those who supported, helped and gave time to the Ubuntu IRC effort while I have been around – its been a blast.