• Testing Firefox QT

    So yesterday I checked out the new firefox qt version to take a look how it is going. I am very excited about this project – it brings my favorite browser to native status in KDE :) . It was a little confusing at first, but with some help from people on IRC (Thanks apachelogger :D ) It still has a few bugs, but thats all part of being in development.

    So here is how I did it.

    First install mecurial so you can check the source out:

    $ sudo aptitude install mercurial

    Then install the required build deps:

    $ sudo aptitude install libidl-dev libqt4-core libqt4-gui libqt4-dev libasound-dev autoconf2.13

    (you only need the libasound-dev if you want to have ogg support)

    then make a new working directory, and check out the source:

    $ hg clone http://hg.mozilla.org/users/vladimir_mozilla.com/mozilla-qt mozilla-qt

    Then you need to configure, the options I used are here, but you can select your own from the list with ./configure –help

    $ autoconf

    $ ./configure –enable-application=browser –enable-default-toolkit=cairo-qt –enable-debug=”-g3″ –enable-tests –disable-installer –disable-crashreporter –disable-javaxpcom –disable-printing –disable-embedding-tests –disable-elf-dynstr-gc

    and then make:

    $ make -j3

    After that you need to run the binary:

    $ cd dist/bin

    $ ./firefox

    And the obligatory screenshot :D

  • Planet Ubuntu – Here we come :)

    So I’m just figuring the final bits out to add this blog to Planet Ubuntu. Hopefully it will be sorted in a min and you will all see some posts on there soon. :)

  • Nokia N800 + Nokia N95 GPS

    I have both an nokia N800 and an N95. they are great little gadgets, but the N95 screen is a little too small for effective in car GPS work. So I decided to have a look at the map program that comes with the latest Diablo software for the N800. Initially I had a few problems with it – the main one being that I could not download the maps as I had insufficient space on my internal memory card. I coudnt find anywhere to change the download location and this had me stumped for a while.

    However I ended up moving the maps directory to the external 2 GB memory card, and this seemed to do the trick. Once the scandinavia maps were downloaded, it was now the challenge of trying to get the 2 devices to talk to each other. After much googling, and a small amount of cursing, I found this post, which detailed a free (as in beer) program called Symarctic ExtGPS which works a dream over the bluetooth. I now have to purchase navigation if I wish to have actual navigation services, but at the moment this is enough. :)