• IRCC Elections.

    This post is just a quick follow up on the list post I made here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news/2009-October/000232.html

    Hi Everyone,
    Soon several members of the IRC Council (Joseph Price, Marek Spruell
    and Melissa Draper) will finish their terms of 2 years. The purpose of
    this email is to begin the process of electing new/re-electing members
    to the council.
    Currently, the wiki states the following regarding IRC Council members:
    "# Be appointed by the Ubuntu Community Council in consultation with
    the IRC Council, IRC operators, and active contributors to the IRC
    channels. Nominations would be open and public and would be considered
    and evaluated by the CC. Each candidate should prepare a wiki page
    summarizing their nomination and their contributions and including and
    referencing testimonials (e.g., something similar to what is prepared
    for Ubuntu membership). The CC commits to evaluating all nominations
    on the following criteria, listed in order of importance:
          - The nominees active status as an Ubuntu Member (essential)
          - The nominees support from at least one active IRC Council
    member (essential)
          - Opinions and testimonials (positive and negative) from current
    members of the IRC Council
          - Opinions and testimonials from current IRC operators -
    Opinions and testimonials from Ubuntu Members, Ubunteros, and other
    active participants on IRC - Evidence of activity within IRC (quality,
    quantity and duration)
    # Serve terms of two (2) years. IRC Council members could serve
    multiple or repeated terms. Weight will be given to proved
    contributors and reelection of consistently active members should be
    both easy and common. "
    (from: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/IrcCouncil)
    We would like to invite Ubuntu members to nominate themselves if they
    wish to run for election for the Ubuntu IRC Council. Please only
    nominate yourself, do not nominate others.
    If you are nominating yourself, please prepare a wiki page as
    described above. A nomination should be in the form of an email to the
    Ubuntu IRC Council email address: irc-council at lists.ubuntu.com
    All nominations will be passed onto the Ubuntu Community Council.
    Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing your nominations.
    The Ubuntu IRC Council.

    To add to that, the deadline for applications is 30th of October.The Ubuntu Community Council has been thinking about some changes to the IRCC charter,  a new document with the proposals is available at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcCouncilChanges

    The IRCC invites all ubuntu members to nominate themselves for the IRCC before the deadline.

  • Bantracker Two – Call for contributors

    The Ubuntu IRC COuncil and IRC Team currently use a ban tracker written by seveas to keep a track on bans within the ubuntu irc space, as recorded by ubottu. Its adquate for 1-10 people to use, in a limited fashion. However, we would like for the tracker to be open and viewable by all in the community, and this is just not possible at the moment. (currently the irc team can create enough queries in normal use to dos the tracker). So therefore the IRC Council has commisioned a new bantracker to be created, Bantracker Two. This effort currently led by Benjamin Rubin (Pici) really needs some contributors for the coding part. If you are able to help and have a little time to spare, we would really appreciate you to get in contact with us and help create a better, more open bantracker for ubuntu IRC.

    You can contact myself (jussi01) or Benjamin (Pici). Please also have a look at the project page: https://edge.launchpad.net/bantrackertwo

  • New channel for English speakers in Finland.

    So, I was getting a bit annoyed at the fact that the finnish loco was all in finnish, and it was kind of hard to be involved with my level of finnish. SO I chatted to the lads and ladies  who run the finnish loco channels, and Myrtti gave me an idea to set up a English loco channel for english speakers in finland. After asking and receiving permission, I created the #ubuntu-fi-en channel, in which we have a few people now and some good discussion. :) If you are a english speaker (native or non native) located in finland or have an terest in this, we invite you to join us! See you there!