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    So today I am in a writing mood. (for some strange reason – these don’t come often).

    This is a bit of a grumble post, but also a call for help. I’ve used Libre office and before that Open office in Kubuntu for a long time, including a fair amount of work for my job (I run Kubuntu at work).

    There’s a lot of things that make me grumble about it, including hard to find options, bad formatting of MS office docs etc, but the one thing where I find a massive problem with that could so easily be fixed – especially with Ubuntu/Canonicals current focus on design is the situation with templates and defaults within the Office (and other creativity) programs shipped.

    Have you ever tried creating a document in open office using the default styles (headings etc)? What about the default styles for drawing (horrible light blue boxes anyone?) And the default included templates? not much there… (a few OSS geared ones and some that look like they were made sometime last century – no disrespect meant to any of the creators).

    So this is a call for all those who have a sense of style Рmake a template this week, and either email it to templates at jussi01.com or grab our BZR branch (bzr branch lp:ubuntutemplates) and  create a merge request. Templates should be licensed Creative Commons with no restrictions.

    Also, if someone has the expertise to make the defaults better ore any constructive thoughts how to fix the default styles within our office and other applications (including colour palates for drawing apps etc) please feel free to grab me (jussi) or AlanBell on freenode or drop us an email to the above address.

    5 responses to “Templates and Defaults”

    • Eduard Gotwig

      Wonderful idea! :D

    • Awesome! Hate the writer default heading styles and that default blue color. This can’t go wrong!!

    • Frederik

      Yes, great idea!

      Just do me a favor and derive Title from Heading. This has been broken in OpenOffice/LibreOffice for ages, where Subtitle derives from Heading, but Title does not.

    • Alan Bell

      no, you do yourself a favour! Fix it how you want it and send in a good template.

    • Mateus Machado Luna

      Hi Allan! I’m sorry if my question looks stupid, but I’m from Brazil and my english is not very good… If I understood on the article, I can make a template a send it to you for a avaliation… is it right? So, how can I send you? Is there an email for the blog?

      Thanks, anyway!

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