• Hi, I’m Jussi! I’m an Ubuntu member and I’m NOT leaving!

    Just for a slightly different take on the whole craziness going on in the Ubuntu world now.

    Simply put, some of the things from both sides suck, communication is not working properly and everyone seems to be in a big frazzle.

    In anycase, regardless of any disappointments I have, this is MY community, (and OUR community) and I am still part of it. Canonical has some very cool things happening, but the community has some very valid issues. Thing is, we can sort it out, and even if I decide to use a different distro/DE or even some different OS, the people here are still people I consider friends, and I always hold out hope that things can be sorted.

    For all those that have left, its sad to see you go, but please, if you know me, I still want to hear from you.

    I can’t wait to see how Ubuntu Touch works out, can’t wait to see the community bonding again and hope we can take on the world together. (I also hope lots of upstream work gets done by canonical on Qt5

    Keep Smiling!


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    • Daniel

      I 2, use Ubuntu, Jussi & will not give it up. those that have left are the ones that want everything asap & do nothing on their own 2 achieve their Goals. they want it done for them, which is nice if you can pay for it, but most of us can barely pay for what we have now. Working 2 support “Free-Software” is a monumental task, most of us do what we can, but we know it’s never enough. Commitment & co-operation are the Keys. Lets keep it up. looking 4 a better world, will not bring it about. One has 2 have motivation, drive & will-power 2 to continue in this field. love the work canonical/Ubuntu does & my use of the soft-ware is my commitment 2 these providers of free speech everywhere. love U all, daniel

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