• Kubuntu polo shirts have arrived!

    So after a bit of a wait, they are finally here! You can order Kubuntu Polos (extremely limited number just now, but if they go quickly we will order some more) from here: https://holvi.com/shop/Kubuntu/


    You can also make donations at that site, all money raised will be put into the Kubuntu funds administered by the Kubuntu Council which is used for helping with Kubuntu Development.


    You can also see an open budget of what is happening on the site at https://holvi.com/avoinbudjetti/Kubuntu/

    LADIES!! We haven’t forgotten you! This is an initial package to judge demand, and the next order, if these sell as expected, will include ladies cut shirts.

    We look forward to sending out shirts really soon!


    Questions, comments and feedback are welcome, you can direct them to the Kubuntu Council - kubuntu-council@lists.launchpad.net

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