• Kubuntu Polo Shirts Update

    So as most of you who follow me know we recently did a sale of Kubuntu polo shirts (still a few left see here: https://holvi.com/shop/Kubuntu/ )


    Things have gone OK, we have sold most of the shirts, and postage was a trifle cheaper for some places and a trifle more expensive for others, so the price evened out quite nicely.

    Most people that have ordered should be receiving their shirts in the next week or 2, they were sent second class mail so I guess 2 weeks is a normalish delivery time, depending where you are. I guess those in the US or Australia might take a little longer than those in Europe.

    We had orders from almost all the continents, with the exception of South America IIRC – come on you South Americans!

    For all those interested in the money side of things, feel free to have a look at our open budget – you’ll find it here: https://holvi.com/avoinbudjetti/Kubuntu/ (please note the shirt costs haven’t been deducted yet because of an invoicing error we are sorting out).


    For the future we are considering a new order, but I’d love some comments on whether Polo shirts are the way to go, or are T-shirts or Hoodies more preferred? what are people willing to pay for those? Are natural fibers important to you? (as they are to me).

    Please feel free to leave answers in the comments, or email me at: jussi01 at ubuntu dot com.

    I am looking forward to seeing lots of answers from you all!


    3 responses to “Kubuntu Polo Shirts Update”

    • Blizzz

      First, thank you for your effort, although I did not order so far.

      Personally, I would live to have to choice of lighter colors. I already have a large amount of black hacker shirts, but honestly it’s getting boring, especially in winter times. For instance a white, beige or light blue ground were interesting alternatives.

      Another thing that usually bothers me when buying clothes online is the size. Sometimes M fits, sometimes L fits. Some more exact measures would be great to avoid returns.

      Probably not a high demand exists for bodies or shirts for small kids, they would be a nice to have, too ;)

    • Aaron Honeycutt

      I would love to have a Kubuntu Hoodie!

    • admin

      @Blizzz, Did you note that I had added the inch sizes to the descriptions? We will have a look at doing some lighter colours, more info coming soon.

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