• Themeing KDE

    So I got sick of the incredibly boring grey standard KDE theme that comes with KDE/Kubuntu. Its not actually a bad default colour theme, but it needs to be workable and appealing to pretty much all, so that by definition makes it somewhat boring.

    So, I went and made something similar to my jussi01-darktheme for quassel, only this time for KDE. I took the “Dark Translucent” theme and gave it some modification – and the results are below.

    Its still a work in progress, but as I use it more the small things will get sorted out.




    EDIT: One of the Key things that many dark theme authors overlook is using a text colour other than white. White on a Dark background is actually quite hard on your eyes, and by using a soft Yellow/orange/beige, It makes it much nicer on your eyes.

    I will upload this at some point soon, but there is a bug in the KDE uploader that doesn’t allow me to sign in to opendesktop. Lets see if I can get that worked out soon.

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    • sheytan

      What is the Devices KCM for? Where to get it? :)

    • Martin

      Did you have a look at the openSUSE darkalternate (I think that’s the name, don’t have one here right now) theme included in their 13.1 release? I think it’s very close to yours and is stunningly beautiful (if you like dark themes).

      I’ve not yet seen it uploaded on kdelook however.

    • admin

      Its from KDEConnect – for tracking the devices connected etc. Install KDE COnnect and you’ll have it.

    • Blablabla

      Do you know something about this? Will be possible to do this in KDE Frameworks 5? I’ve been clamoring for it for AGES, but seems nobody wants to listen…


    • admin

      @Martin – I don’t see that on google, could you post a screenshot somewhere ?

    • govik

      The biggest problem with dark theme is web browsing. a lot of pages have white background making big contrast what, as you mentioned, is had for eyes.

    • Tom

      on the ugly gray schemes I don’t understand how distros, ship this as default and ppl are even using this…

      white on black = immediate eye cancer, However I rarely have seen this, still like your yellow appoach, looks like gold $-)

    • Robert

      Another problem with dark themes are input elements in websites. Some websites partially override either color or background color, which often leads to black text on black background or bright color on white background. A solution can be the use of the stylish extension for Firefox, but it doesn’t work everytime. Did that problem also happened to you and how did you solve it?

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