• Hedgie videos

    Just was watching Tuhina tonight and had the N95 handy, so decided to make a couple of quick videos. Hope you like!

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Also, please download these then watch – don’t stream.

  • Tuhina’s New House

    As I mentioned last post, I was building (and still working on) Tuhina’s new house. You can see a picture of it and some of Tuhina enjoying it as part of this post. ┬áIts the top 3 floors only at the moment, Im still trying to decide whether he needs more than that. He has really started liking the wheel, and its quite annoying as its quite noisy at 1am… ;)

    So here are the pics:

  • A word about the Hedgie.

    So, as some of you will know, I recently purchased a Hedgehog (Hedgie). Ive been building his “house” and making sure he will have a nice place to live. His name is Tuhina – which in English roughly translates to “snuffles”. He is an African pygmie hedgehog, so that means that it is legal to keep him here in Finland (its illegal to keep European Hedgies). Here are a few photos for you to look at also. :)